Royal Textile Academy Bhutan

Weaving is an essential part of Bhutan’s culture and tradition. The mission of the Royal Textile Academy is the maintenance and promotion of Bhutanese textiles and education of the population as well as raising awareness of the international community about this living art. The Royal Textile Academy of Bhutan was founded as a "National Trust" in 2005.

The Peaceful Dragon association supports the Royal Textile Academy in preserving traditional textiles and the training of young Bhutanese in the craft of weaving. In this way, it not only contributes to the preservation of cultural heritage, but also helps to create new job.

The Royal Textile Academy is Bhutan’s first institution that will educate the Bhutanese youth about the conservation, preservation and exhibition of the country’s textiles. It will also serve as a centre for tourists, introducing the nation’s masterpiece to its visitors while expanding the nation’s resources for cultural tourism.

The objectives of the Royal Textile Academy are:

  • Professional education and training in weaving, design and production of Bhutanese textiles
  • Collection and documentation of important textiles that are part of Bhutan’s cultural heritage
  • Conservation, preservation and restoration of Bhutanese textiles and other artefacts
  • Serve as a museum for tourists and visitors
  • Exhibitions at local and international venues
  • International awareness and collaboration
  • Generation of international recognition for Bhutan’s artistic achievements