University scholarships:
Education for an independent future!

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Bhutan pursues ambitious goals of building a sustainable future based on a healthy environment, happy people and harmonious economic development. To accomplish these goals, Bhutan urgently needs well-educated citizens, especially in the disciplines of medicine, veterinary medicine, agricultural sciences and engineering. The Peaceful Dragon Association provides Bhutanese students with scholarships to allow them the best possible university education and enable them to make a contribution to securing the future of Bhutan.

In cooperation with two world-renowned Hungarian universities, Semmelweis University in Budapest and Szent István University in Gödöllő, the Peaceful Dragon helps Bhutanese students to receive an internationally recognized training in medicine, pharmacy, health sciences, environmental and agricultural sciences, engineering, mechanical engineering or economy.

A total of ten Bhutanese students have the possibility to complete a degree within six years through a scholarship at Semmelweis University or at Szent István University.

The universities were selected due to their good international reputation, their wide selection of courses in English, the intercultural learning experience and the long tradition of higher education. Up to 50 different nationalities are studying at the universities.

The students will receive a very good international education and therefore are enabled to contribute their knowledge to a successful and sustainable development of Bhutan.

Depending on the chosen course of study, 15,000 EUR are needed for one semester per student. The attainment of a doctoral degree in the discipline of dentistry, for example, costs, 165,000 EUR including all side costs.

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