Welcome to the „Peaceful Dragon” association - Welcome to the Kingdom of Bhutan!

The Peaceful Dragon association provides project assistance in Bhutan - the only Buddhist constitutional monarchy in the world. The Kingdom is located between China and India in the Himalayas. While Bhutan is rich in fascinating history, culture and nature, it is poor in modern infrastructure – the essential resources which ensure the political-economic foundation of development and ultimately the survival of societies and nations.

The Peaceful Dragon gives aid where it is needed most. The association initiates new projects and supports existing to ensure the country's future. This is done by supporting the education of children and adolescents and the construction and maintenance of schools and teaching centres for general professional training. The peaceful dragon also promotes social projects such as the establishment of women's shelters, training of monks and the preservation of monasteries.

The Peaceful Dragon is committed to providing aid to projects around education, natural and cultural preservation in Bhutan. The non-profit organization primarily supports projects that enable the deepest possible integration of the local population and broad integration of regional resources. The aim is to achieve moderate, forward-looking change through sustainable business management and development assistance.